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November Empties

Did you see that title? Another empties post! Unfortunately, there may not be another empties post for a while, though. This pretty much sums up the rest of my half full products, but just another month with some used up products!
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula:
This think cream is perfect for dry, winter skin. It smells soooo good, like cookies. Plus, it’s pretty cheap so you never feel bad about the second (perhaps third) coat. If anyone asks, I’m just really dry…not obsessed with the smell or anything like that.

LUSH Massage Bar in Therapy:
Supposedly, this is supposed to be good for sore muscles, yet I’m not sure I bought into that. The smell was quite…medicinal (not something I’m a big fan of), but these massage bars are really, really moisturizing.

Dove Style+Care Hairspray:
Pretty much just a standard hairspray. This does smell really, really nice though.

Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin:
Another Philosophy shower gel. These are really foamy and smell to-die-for. I’m already on my other one.

Gloss Moderne High Gloss Masque:
I used this as a conditioner and it is really amazing. It makes my hair shiny, soft, not to mention that you receive wafts of coconut throughout the day after use.

The Body Shop Argan Oil and Olive Scrub:
I’m just going to say this isn’t my favorite scrub. The smell wasn’t very nice and I thought the scrubbing particles (or whatever you want to call them) were too small.

Maybelline Full ‘ n Soft Mascara:
This was a really nice mascara, but I’ve found that, recently, I’ve been branching out from the very natural look, which this provides to a tee. Overall, this is a really great mascara, though.

Maybelline Great Lash Clear:
I use this as a brow gel, and I would say it’s pretty standard.

LUSH Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly:
The scent of this was a bit too sweet for me to love this, but I did like it. The formula was the only problem. I just wasn’t quite sure how to use it. I usually just would crush it up, but then half of it went flying down the drain. Whoops!

Kiehls’ Fig Leaf and Sage Shower Gel and Body Lotion:
The scent of this was not very good and the shower gel was average. Onto the body lotion, this made my skin insanely, insanely soft considering how light it was!

Phyto Ultra Nourishing Mask:
I guess reviewing this wouldn’t really be fair because I don’t think I used enough to see a difference.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Serum:
I used this once and didn’t really see a difference, but the smell was terrible so I couldn’t really get past that. Just wasn’t for me.

Phewwww. That was looongg. I need some replacements, so what are some of your favorite bath and body products?


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September Empties

What better way to spend a Sunday than with an empties post, eh? If you are unfamiliar with posts such as this, basically it is a review of the products that you have used up recently. So, grab your cups of coffee people and pap-a-squat!


Organix Morrocan Oil Shampoo: I talked about how much I loved the coconut milk one of these, but that was a long time ago…okay, it was just a month, but my opinion has changed. First, the whole Organix brand of shampoos don’t actually get your hair clean. With loads of hairspray jammed into my hair everyday, my head of hair is pretty much the idea test for these shampoos. Unfortunately, while using these shampoos, I got out of the shower to find a head full of flakes from broken down hairspray that resemble…well, dandruff. They also made my scalp soooo itchy. I hope that clears some ground up. I promise the rest of the products are more positive.

C.O. Bigelow Mentha Body Lotion: I really like the idea of this cream (and so will any lover of icy hot like me), but this does nothing to moisturize my skin.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray: I really loved this. It really did keep my makeup all. day. long. My makeup was less shiny when 3 o’clock came around and everything was a bit less…smeary. I will definitely be repurchasing this again in the future, but for now, I’m going to try out some other makeup sprays.


Kate Somerville ExfoliKate: I actually liked this, but I know that there are definitely some scrubs with the same quality that are just as good.

Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara: I really (repeat: really) liked this mascara, but I feel like paying a lot for mascara is kind of a waste. There are so many good drugstore mascaras, I just don’t really see the point. Also, this one isn’t waterproof and, judging from the back of my leotard during ballet class today, I need waterproof.

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment: I have this product in the Honey tint, but I received this as part of my birthday gift from Sephora and oh boy, do I like it! It is the perfect night time treatment (and morning too) that leaves my lips so soft and smooth. I’m so sad to see this go, but I really want to buy the full size, but I have another product like this that I want to try first.