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The *depressing* October Birchbox 2012

I wasn’t going to post about this month’s box because it really was so depressing, but I figured I ought to show you the failures of Birchbox since all you might have seen are the successes. This isn’t to say I hate Birchbox, it’s just that this month made me question where my $10 really went. Anyway, here it is…

Harvey Prince “Hello” Fragrance
This is just too sweet for me. And I thought I had a pretty high tolerance for scents…
Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm cosmetics
This is by far the most exciting thing I got in my box. The texture – like butta’. It is a gorgeous champagne colored highlight. My only problem: I’m not quite sure how I’m going to fit my brush in the sample…

Mox Botanics Lip Butter
This definitely isn’t the best lip product I have ever tried. And I definitely would not pay $16 for the full size.

Benta Berry G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream
This is quite moisturizing, but I have found it doesn’t work any better than my Yes to Cucumbers one with is only $7. Comparatively, this one is $22, but I’m glad I tried it. Did I mention this is a French brand?

I hope this doesn’t turn anyone off to Birchbox, I just though it was a little ridiculous how some people got Beauty Blenders (something I have been dying to get, I might add) and I get this crap. Anyway, let’s just hope next month’s box is better.


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September Favorites

Well, here I am with my September favorites for you! Can you believe that it’s almost October!?! Fall is just one step away…one teensy, weensy, step. Let’s get on with it shall we?

Tocca Stella perfume: my favorite fall/winter perfume. I got this for my birthday and I haven’t stopped wearing it since. It smells okay when you first spray it (meaning not the best perfume in the world), but when it dries…oh boy! It smells amazing! According to the Tocca site, “as tempestuous and moody as a rebellious young Italian beauty, Stella attracts your senses with a flirtatious, fresh fragrance.” Me in a nut shell? I’m probably definitely not the biggest flirt around, but I love smelling like one. It has “top notes of bitter orange, blood orange, watery accord. Middle notes of white freesia, wild diamond orchids, spicy Lily. Bottom notes of sheer musk, sandalwood.”

Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Night Cream: i have aways wanted to try the Yes to Cucumbers line, and now that I have…well, if you haven’t, you need to! Ever since I started using this lotion, I have noticed that my face is a lot less red and it feels so soft (like a baby’s bottom soft. Too bad I’ve never felt one).

Fresh Sugar Body Oil: i also received this for my birthday (aren’t I such a lucky girl?) and it’s official – I’M OBSESSED (okay, but I really hate that word)! It smells so good and it absorbs so quickly and it leaves my skin so soft (like 1000000000 times softer than a baby’s bottom). What is this obsession with soft things lately? I’ve been trying to ween myself off of it, though because the price tag is a bit too high to buy all the time, but if you’re looking for a splurge, then this is it.

Sephora eyelash curlers: these are the only eyelash curlers I have ever tried, so I’m not saying that these are the best, it’s just that I have been really into curling my eyelashes this month. For a little background info on my lashes, they are pretty much super long things that look ridiculous whenever I put on mascara. Lucky? No, not at all. I have to be sooo precise with my mascara or else I end up looking like Minnie Mouse, and it’s not even like I use any special mascara! This helps me avoid mascara while still looking put together.

Blistex Lip Medex: i have been trying to ween myself off of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, so I bought this. Being completely honest, it is amazing, but I think I like the Fresh one better. Maybe I’m just drawn to expensive things (not really a surprise), but this does work wonders. I love the tingling sensation and I actually feel like it heals my chapped lips (which the Fresh one doesn’t). For only about $2, I will definitely keep this on my list of must haves.

top to bottom / Revlon lip butter, Benefit girl meets pearl, Stila’s rain shadow

Revlon lip butter in “Pink Truffle”: i have worn this non-stop for about two weeks. I love the sheer tint that it gives, but of course, it is buildable. I don’t think the Revlon lip butters have the best formulation in the world, but I layer a bit of Blistex on top and it is perfect! This is my favorite shade of lip butter that I have tried so far…well, it is only my second one, but I hope to try more. (right now the all Revlon products are 40% off at Ulta)

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl highlighter: most reserve highlighters for the summer, but I love them the most in the fall and winter when everything is a bit more dreary. They just lighten up your face and look so pretty! This is technically the only highlighter I have (I am just building my collection, despite the fact that my mom thinks I have too much makeup), but this is one of my favorites that I’ve seen. I did a highlighter comparison featuring this, so you check that out for more details.

Stila eyeshadow in “Rain”: this is in my “In the Know Palette” (which I am absolutely obsessed with), and I have used this shade nearly everyday this month…no joke! It is such a pretty color, any description that I say will no do it justice. It’s so good, I really don’t have much else to say about it…except, you have to try it!

What have been some of your favorites this month? Just leave a comment below and I’ll check it out…


September Beauty Buys

Well, I guess this is the beginning of the end. The end of the spending urge (forced of course) and the beginning of a spending ban. Trust me when I say this is collective…well, since the beginning of September (hence the title) so I guess that doesn’t really count. Oh well! You won’t care, eh? So, here’s what I’ve been bingeing on, to my wallet’s distaste.

Burt’s Bees Almond Milk and Bee’s Wax Hand Creme, Caudalie Eau De Beaute, Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in rose shimmer, Revlon Lip Butter in pink truffle.

MAC eyeshadow in all that glitters, Blistex Lip Medex, Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in birthday suit, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in exposed

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September Step In

It’s the beginning of September…right? Well, even if you don’t think so, just pretend so until you finish reading this post. Okay, now onto dream world. Here are some of the hues, shades, pigments, scents, looks, etc. that I am most looking forward to for September (or for the rest of it. But wait, we are in dream mode remember?). Recently I’ve been having this huge (I mean like…massive) spending urge, which is so unlike me, but oh well. I’ve already bought a few things so  there will definitely a recent beauty buys post as soon as the stuff comes in. xo
September Step In


August Favorites

For me, the end of August is bitter sweet. I am super excited for the start of my favorite season…fall! At the same time, though, it also means school and homework. Anyway, here are the products I have been loving this month.

P.S. I have gotten a lot of new products this month (mostly because it was my birthday), so I could only include some, but I will include the others in some upcoming posts. I figured that would be more helpful.

August Favorites
Lush lip scrub / I received this as a gift and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I have been using in every night…and sometimes every morning. It leaves my lips so soft and luscious. I am not a huge, huge fan of the flavor, but with the effect that it gives….it’s so worth it. @ Lush
Maybelline baby lips / I got this a while ago, but for some reason, I have been obsessed with it lately. It leaves your lips so smooth and perfect. I really prefer the “quenched” flavor of the other ones, for I feel as though it does a better job moisturizing your lips and is a bit thicker, but they are all pretty amazing. @ drugstore
Urban Decay all nighter / with the start of school and ballet, my makeup is put to the ultimate test for staying power. This stuff works wonder…well, when I’m not sweating everything off of course. It definitely does with stand the fitness class worthy sweats at school and the oil that builds up throughout the day. @ Sephora
NYC smooth skin bronzer / basically, I have three words….i. am. obsessed. This is amazing. It distributes the perfect amount of pigment and is the perfect color. Definitely go and pick this up. You can’t beat the price tag! P.S. I’ve heard it’s better than the NARS laguna bronzer. @ drugstore
Estee Lauder eye shadow in mocha cup / this has been my favorite eye shadow this month. I love putting a little on my lid and under my eyes for a soft smokiness. @ Estee Lauder
Bobbi Brown blending brush / this is the perfect brush for applying shadow all over the lid or, of course, blending. @ Bobbi Brown
Blemish Clearing concealers / i decided to link two concealers in one. First, I bought the Neutrogena one and loved it, but found it was not quite opaque enough. Then, I bought the Bobbi Brown one, which I also loved and solved the opaqueness problem, but was a bit hard to blend. Over all, these are great dupes of each other, because I love both and they both contain salicylic acid to clear breakouts. @ Bobbi Brown or drugstore
Organix coconut milk shampoo and conditioner / i absolutely love these. Unlike the moroccan oil ones, they are thick, but not too thick, and are moisturizing, provide shine, make my hair so soft, don’t make it frizzy, oh…and they smell amazing. I think these are my absolute favorite shampoos and conditioners. @ drugstore
Lush “honey I washed the kids” soap / i love this soap. First, it smells amazing, it cleans really well, and I love that there is real honey comb on the top, which melts so nicely into your skin the first few times you use it which makes your shower extra, extra, luxurious! @ Lush

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Birchbox August 2012

I know this is pretty long over due, just like all my other Birchbox posts, but here is an overview of what I got in my box this month. I hope you guys like these posts as much as I do. I’m counting down the days until my September box arrives. If you would like to subscribe to Birchbox, you can here.

P.S. I also received a Schick razor, but decided to leave it out because everyone received one and I honestly didn’t really think it was that special.

DDF Brightening Cleanser / I definitely have mixed feelings about this product. I love how it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and to use with my Clarisonic, but I wish it was a bit more creamy or milky. I do notice that it does get rid of a bit of the hyper-pigmentation on my skin though.

Beauty Fixation cuticle conditioner / First off, I doubt that there is anyone out there who can come up with a better idea than the person who designed this have. I handy little q-tip gets filled with oil to apply  to your cuticles with no mess at all. I probably would not have boughten these myself, but they are pretty amazing!

Jouer moisturizing lip glossThis is probably my favorite product in the box. It really is moisturizing and gives a really pretty sheen. I received the color “Birchbox pink”, which isn’t quite my favorite, but this is a truly amazing gloss.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur / I have all of the previous Juicy Couture perfumes and I really, really, like them. This one is no different. The sheer perfume has the original’s fruity top notes combined with heady honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine. It’s girly, fun, and the bottle isn’t too bad looking either (that’s code for ITS GORGEOUS).

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Fall Beauty Trends / THE BOLD BROW

Next up, THE BOLD BROW / statement eyebrows.

 My thoughts have changed over the years, but now, I think that one of the prettiest things of a woman’s face is a natural brow, not too sparse and not too thin. Luckily, this fall, I will be able to enhance my natural (even though it may be hard) brows with just a touch of pencil or shadow.First, note that the strong, graphic brow looks the best when the rest of your makeup is played down. When forming the brow, use your natural shape as a guideline, slowly filling it in and expanding with soft, small strokes of a brow liner or shadow, increasing the strength and darkness. For the rest of the eyes, use a bronze cream shadow worked into a simple round shape following the rest of the eye. I like to add a bit underneath the eye as well to add a soft, smoky essence. Add a bit fo contouring and a hint of blush, finished off by a pale lip. Add plenty of mascara and curling so that the look doesn’t come off as too masculine.