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September Step In

It’s the beginning of September…right? Well, even if you don’t think so, just pretend so until you finish reading this post. Okay, now onto dream world. Here are some of the hues, shades, pigments, scents, looks, etc. that I am most looking forward to for September (or for the rest of it. But wait, we are in dream mode remember?). Recently I’ve been having this huge (I mean like…massive) spending urge, which is so unlike me, but oh well. I’ve already bought a few things so  there will definitely a recent beauty buys post as soon as the stuff comes in. xo
September Step In

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How To / Rosewater Facial Spray

I raved about the Melvita Floral Rose Spray a while back and I still just cannot get enough. Luckily for me, continuing to use this product even way after it’s gone does not mean that I have to spend $22 (the price of the full size). After a trip to my local Whole Body, I picked up a bottle of rose water and a glass spray bottle all for under $10 and promise you I could get three more spray bottles out of it. Here’s how I did it…
  • a spray bottle (I, again, got mine at Whole Body but you can get one here)
  • Rosewater (which you could probably get at a local whole bath shop or you can order here)

1 / simply pour the rosewater into the spray bottle

Is that easy enough? I guess this really isn’t a how to, but since I liked it so much, I figured you would too. Hope you enjoy!

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Late Celebrating French Style

Bastille Day, the French independence day, was on Saturday, July 14. In celebration of it, why not do a few French things today. Here are three French inspired add ons to do today that will easily work into your everyday routine. Happy Bastille Day, everyone.

image via

1 / Getting Ready today, go au natural. Eliminate most of your makeup and go for that natural, fresh faced look that only enhances your natural features, not covers them up. In terms of clothes, go neutral. Dress in black, white, grey, cream, etc. But don’t get too bored! Add a pop of color such as red (could it get more French!?)

2 / Mix up the Menu change your eating routine for the day. Most French people have a large breakfast, a large lunch, a small dinner, and only one snack around 5 o’clock. Also, never go a day with out an espresso or cappucino! Oh, and don’t forget the baguette!

3 / Enjoy watch a French movie, go to a French restaurant, or cook up a French meal. Just anything with the word French, please do!

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Bye Bye Dancer Nightmares / Ballet Bag Essentials

Of all the things crammed inside my ballet bag, there are some things that are necessities (ballet shoes, etc), but there are also some things that, although quirky, I could not live without. Here are my top five essentials to toss in as well.

1 / Kind Bars any type of bar will do, but these are one of my favorites. They supply energy that lasts through, class, breaks, rehearsals, and everything in between. They also come in great flavors such as Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio or Dark Chocolate Peanut.

2 / Baby Lips i am a huge lip product addict, therefore, I must always have something for my lips with me where ever I go. This specific product makes your lips soft (like a baby), moisturized, and with a hint of shine. They also come in great colors and flavors as well.

3 / Notebook of all things, this is by far my definite essential. I use mine to write down everything. From things I need to work on, corrections I get, to the names of songs I hear in class or my schedule for the next day. Without this thing, I do not know what I would do! Trust me when I say…GET ONE!

4 / Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray this cooling spray is perfect for hot, sweaty, sore feet. It refreshes them with a soft, cool scent while actually cooling them down with a great tingly feeling. This one from The Body Shop is great!

5 / Foot Rubz Ball of all the other “work out” gear I have in my bag, from therabands to tennis balls, this one is by far my favorite. Soft enough to get the knots out, but gentle enough to not give you bruises, this multi-purpose ball is amazing!

Top 5 Ballet Bag Essentials

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June Favorites

Well, hello there! It’s the height of summer…not to mention the end of June. Here are the products that have gotten me through the month and that I have been loving. Not to mention, they have a summery twist!

Maybelline Full n’ Soft / i picked this one up in waterproof because, believe it or not, this is my very first waterproof mascara and may be for a very, very long time. I love the way it extends and voluminizes my lashes without they being hard or tacky. Instead, they turn out impeccably soft, and I know this because I have felt them.

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm / this ultra moisturizing gloss leaves an amazing yet subtle sheen on your lips and has a slight lime-y flavor, perfect for summer!

Lancome Eye Shadows / these are my three favorite eye shadows at the moment. They have an amazing effect and I use one almost every day. Only two words: I LOVE.

ELF Small Angled Brush / this brush is amazing. It applies my mixture of eyeshadow plus water perfectly as an eyeliner and I am in love. I have been using it with the eyeshadows above.

LUSH Massage Bar / i picked this massage bar up in Therapy because of it’s claim to sooth sore muscles. Although it doesn’t exactly support the claim that well (I’ve had better luck with Icey Hot), it does smell great and leave my skin amazingly soft. It doesn’t have to be this particular scent, but definitely get one of these.

LaraBars / i have been loving LaraBars lately, especially in the flavors peanut butter cookie and chocolate cherry torte. They are so amazing. Packed with great nutrition, but it really does taste like dessert! A guilt-free treat.

June Favorites

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In-Flight Chic

Hello all! I landed in NY on Saturday and I am super excited to be spending some time here. As much as I love to travel, there is one thing that makes the experience a dread…flying in an airplane. With the yucky smell, the motion sickness, and the dehydration, flying is by far the thing that I hold my breath for each and every time I prep. Below are some of my helpful tips that I use to make my in-flight experience that much less dreadful.

(image via)

1 / Stay Hydrated if there is one thing that you do above all else in the air, this is it. Airplanes suck the moisture out of your skin like no other. First, bring a big bottle of water to drink throughout your flight to keep your body hydrated, which will also let your skin do the same. Also, bring along a facial mist to spray on your face throughout the flight to also keep in hydrated. I love this one from Evian.

2 / Stay Entertained one thing that can make or break a flight is if you are entertained or not. Bring everything you think you would remotely want to do. Your iPod, iPhone, computer, magazines, books, everything. Also remember to bring snacks. Don’t get the assumption that you are going to get some on the plane. Always bring your own…just in case.

3 / Get Creamy and Simplify when applying your makeup the the day of your flight, don’t go for heavy foundation or powdered, drying blush. Instead, use more moisturizing products that have a double use. Use a BB Cream instead of your regular foundation and concealer. Use a cream blush, or, even better, use a lip and cheek stain which will be moisturizing but will also lighten your load.

4 / Stay Comfy wear comfortable clothes. There is nothing worse than getting on a plane and feeling uncomfortable, especially when you have a long haul to make. Bonus points if you wear something that doesn’t wrinkle.

5 / Be Happy by following all the tips above, I’m sure this will be easy. Have a care-free, comfortable flight!

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Summer Essentials Triple Feature / City Essentials

For the last joint post with Wunderkind373, we will be doing a city essentials post for everything you need for the whole day in the city. Enjoy!

My Essentials

City Essentials

Elizabeth’s Essentials

city essentials