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Night Time Almond Richness | Burt’s Bee Hand Creme

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For some reason, whenever the winter weather turns the corner my hands – okay, it may just be in my head – but they are just begging for a little moisture. This not only seems to fit the docket, but every time I use, I love it more and more.

First off, this is a SUPER THICK hand creme. This is not something you would want to put on right before you…eat dinner? You get the point. Like I said, it is really thick and rich (hence the title), but it is perfect for night time.

Second, if you haven’t noticed, I have an obsession with how things smell. If something doesn’t smell good – I aint buyin’ it! Well, this sure doesn’t disappoint. For those of you know what rainbow cookies are (those rainbow squares with chocolate), this smells exactly like those! Unfortunately, you can’t find the cookies where I love so this hand creme is the perfect step in. But don’t worry, I’m not eating this!

Overall, this is a great hand creme! It is $9 (which some may say is a bit pricey), but the packaging is gorgeous, it will last you a really long time (I think I’ve had mine for over a month and I still have a lot left), and it’s really great!

| what are some of your favorite hand cremes? |


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