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Another Tarte Blush | “Natural Beauty”


Maybe you remember my last post of a Tarte blush in “exposed”…well, I’ve loved it so much that I just had to get another one. When I saw essiebutton (if you haven’t realized yet, she might as well start her own advertisement company, because I would be sold on everything), talk about this shade, I just couldn’t resist.

It looks quite scary in the pan, not to mention it is soooo pigmented. Although it is kind of scary for a blush conscious kind of girl like me, all it takes is one tap in the pan and BOOOMMM – you have the most gorgeous cheek color IN THE WORLD! This is the prettiest blush I have ever seen or used.

Like I said – this stuff is pigmented, but it gives the most subtle, natural, flush. I cannot get over it. If you are ever near where these blushes are sold, I COMMAND YOU to look at this one.

what are some of your favorite blushes? do you have any Tarte ones?


2 thoughts on “Another Tarte Blush | “Natural Beauty”

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