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Real Techniques Stippling Brush


This is pretty much the beginning of my *professional* brush collection. I don’t really have that many and I was in desperate need of a blush brush. I have head so many amazing things about the Real Techniques Brushes, I decided to get one myself.

I decided on the stippling brush because it seemed like the perfect versatile option. You can use it for foundation, blush, and highlighter. I have tried it with all 3 and I was AMAZED. It blends foundation so effortlessly and it looks like you’re not even wearing any! For blush, it applies the perfect amount-not too little, and not too much. It blends it effortlessly as well. As for highlighter-well, I’m just not even going to go into that because I’m pretty sure you know how I will describe the results. Pretty consistent, eh? I definitely want to try more Real Techniques brushes. They are so soft and work so well.

|Have you ever tried any Real Techniques brushes? What are your favorite brushes in general?|


3 thoughts on “Real Techniques Stippling Brush

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