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Happy Birthday Wunderkind

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Today is my best friend’s birthday and I could say that I am as excited as a three year old on Christmas. She is the most chic, kind, and comforting/understanding person you may ever meet. With her multiple cultural musings, obsession with all things beauty (surprising right?), and her overall personality, she cannot be matched to any other. Cheers to her, another year being the amazing person that she is!

Now, you may be wondering what this post is really all about, well since Elizabeth has an amazing blog, which I read religiously (again, surprising?), she has introduced me to so many products and tricks and she has inspired to create this blog that you are reading. Here are some of the products that she has introduced me to that have me running all over to get them and that I, really, would have a hard time living without.

Great Lash clear mascara / this is one of the first products that I bought when I first got into beauty, but only because I spotted it on Elizabeth’s Pinterest. I use it pretty much everyday for my brows. It keeps them in place all day, which I definitely need with this unruly things. They’re actually more like monsters growing out of my face.

Clinique Redness Solutions powder / i did a full review of this here, but this powder is amazing from those suffering from a little red consciousness, like me. Although Elizabeth has amazing skin and really doesn’t need this, she introduced me to it and I use it religiously everyday. This is one of those products that I really really cannot live without.


Revlon lip butters / i’d say this is one of the most hyped up products I’ve ever seen. Both me and her have the shade “creamsicle”. Somehow, on her it ends up looking so elegantly chic and clean, but on me, I kind of look like a ghost. The consistency is great though (I will do a full review of them soon). This color is really great, though, if you have a little self-conscious-because-my-lips-are-too-dark action going on.

Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm / these sweet smelling, tinted, sticks of butta’ are amazing! We both have the shade “honeysuckle” and I love the sheer pinkish-brown tint that it gives to my lips.

Tarte lip surgence pencils / these truly are amazing! She has the shade “charmed” and I have the shade “hope”. These come in so many different colors and finishes, I wish I could own them all, but we know the kind of problem I have so let’s just ignore that statement, shall we?


One thought on “Happy Birthday Wunderkind

  1. That was the sweetest and best birthday present you could have given me! Live you Lili!

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