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“No-Makeup” Makeup

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Every one has their own “no-makeup, makeup look.” Whether you are into a everyday smokey eye or no makeup at all, it is always handy to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you look polished and put together no matter what.

Base / for the base, it really depends on your skin type. Some have great skin and don’t need a foundation at all, where as some need just a little concealing here and there, but there are those who need foundation all over. In the end though, just use what you think you need. I use this powder foundation which works for me. If you need a full foundation, I would recommend this one. Whether you follow up with powder is up to you, it just depends if your skin is oily or not. Just be aware that you still want to look fresh…not exactly matte.

Face Color / whether it’s blush or bronzer (or maybe both), I feel like this is one of the most important steps. Based on previous experience, even if your skin is flawless, it looks a bit weird when it is all the same color and has no natural highlights and different-ion in color. I prefer using a matte bronzer to either contour or add a subtle sun kissed hint and a blush. The blush should mimick the natural color of your cheeks. If you are thinking, “then what’s the point?”, the point is that it helps you target where to put the color, making a world’s difference.

Eyes / i think the eyes are the hardest part of the whole look. Some girls just need a curling of the lashes. Some need mascara. I personally like to use this mascara, which gives a natural finish, on my outer lashes only so that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing too much…because I already have pretty long lashes. If you really need some extra definition, but hate the near “fake” look of mascara, use an eyeliner to dot in between your lashes on your lash line. This will give you the effect of much thicker lashes. If you have that awkward “no eye definition” thing going on, use a matte brownish-grey toned shadow to gently (and subtly…and sheerly) swipe across your crease to add a shadow. Sometimes I like to also some of the same shadow underneath my lower lash line as well.

Lips / this is pretty simple: go with whatever you like as long as it’s not bright or super pigmented. It could be a dusted rose color, a honey toned brown (I love this one), a sheer pink, etc. If you are super low maintenance, use this balm.


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