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Birchbox August 2012

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I know this is pretty long over due, just like all my other Birchbox posts, but here is an overview of what I got in my box this month. I hope you guys like these posts as much as I do. I’m counting down the days until my September box arrives. If you would like to subscribe to Birchbox, you can here.

P.S. I also received a Schick razor, but decided to leave it out because everyone received one and I honestly didn’t really think it was that special.

DDF Brightening Cleanser / I definitely have mixed feelings about this product. I love how it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and to use with my Clarisonic, but I wish it was a bit more creamy or milky. I do notice that it does get rid of a bit of the hyper-pigmentation on my skin though.

Beauty Fixation cuticle conditioner / First off, I doubt that there is anyone out there who can come up with a better idea than the person who designed this have. I handy little q-tip gets filled with oil to apply  to your cuticles with no mess at all. I probably would not have boughten these myself, but they are pretty amazing!

Jouer moisturizing lip glossThis is probably my favorite product in the box. It really is moisturizing and gives a really pretty sheen. I received the color “Birchbox pink”, which isn’t quite my favorite, but this is a truly amazing gloss.

Viva La Juicy La Fleur / I have all of the previous Juicy Couture perfumes and I really, really, like them. This one is no different. The sheer perfume has the original’s fruity top notes combined with heady honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine. It’s girly, fun, and the bottle isn’t too bad looking either (that’s code for ITS GORGEOUS).


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