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Fall Beauty Trends / THE BOLD BROW

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Next up, THE BOLD BROW / statement eyebrows.

 My thoughts have changed over the years, but now, I think that one of the prettiest things of a woman’s face is a natural brow, not too sparse and not too thin. Luckily, this fall, I will be able to enhance my natural (even though it may be hard) brows with just a touch of pencil or shadow.First, note that the strong, graphic brow looks the best when the rest of your makeup is played down. When forming the brow, use your natural shape as a guideline, slowly filling it in and expanding with soft, small strokes of a brow liner or shadow, increasing the strength and darkness. For the rest of the eyes, use a bronze cream shadow worked into a simple round shape following the rest of the eye. I like to add a bit underneath the eye as well to add a soft, smoky essence. Add a bit fo contouring and a hint of blush, finished off by a pale lip. Add plenty of mascara and curling so that the look doesn’t come off as too masculine.


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