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Fall Beauty Trends / THE SCULPTED EYE

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For the third look in the Lisa Eldridge inspired fall makeup trends,                 THE SCULPTED EYE / clean simple shading.

 In this point in time, I think that embracing your natural features is the best rule to live by, especially when it comes to makeup. Enhancing what you have versus covering it up or disguising it (besides the matter of breakouts that is) always makes for a much more flattering and gorgeous look. For this look, start with clean, perfected skin using foundation and concealer. Then, use a pale shadow or cream base (Lisa used MAC’s painterly paint pot) all over the lid up to the brows. Then, to enhance the natural shape of your eye, use a soft grey shadow in your crease. A bit of natural blush and a perfected brow (yet natural, of course) finishes everything off. Lisa did not do a lip for this look do to the model’s sweater over her mouth, but I would use a light stain or balm.


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