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How To / All Over Bronze


I have to admit, until a few weeks ago, I was terribly terrified by bronzer. But once I realized how to use and how good it actually looked on my skin, I was sold and now I just cannot get enough. Here is a little tutorial on how to get that all over bronzed look. Trust me…it is a lot easier than it seems!
Bronzer 101
1 / Use a matte bronzer this is really important. You do not want to look like you have sparkles all over your face! You can use one with a little bit of shimmer in it (like NARS Laguna), but really be conscious of this. I use the NYC smooth skin bronzer in sunny. I love it because it is not orange, but a bit more brown (kind of similar to the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil). It is great, not to mention available at the drugstore and for no more that $3.
2 / Apply where the sun would naturally hit an easy way to remember where to apply is by using the “3” method. The three goes from the outside of your brows, down onto your cheek bones, and then down to get to the jaw line. Another natural place that you want to add it is directly down the nose. Oh, and don’t forget the neck!
3 / Use a fluffy brush this is important. Unless you are using bronzer to contour, you want to use a really fluffy brush so that everything is blended and even. In fact, I use my powder brush (which I doubt is the best, but oh well)!

2 thoughts on “How To / All Over Bronze

  1. Great post! very helpful

  2. I was the same way! Totally afraid of bronzer until I discovered the “3” method. Why did no one tell me about it before??

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