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Birchbox July 2012

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Another Birchbox post…

July 2012 / The Senses with Glamour Magazine


1 / Color Club “blue ming” “use this green-turquoise polish on fingers and toes all summer long.” ($8)

Notes : since I am not a huge nail polish person, not to mention bright colors, this wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, but the formula is great. It goes on super smoothly and the colors are so pigmented, to the point that you need only one coat! 

2 / Gloss Moderne high-gloss masque “sun, heat, and pollution all strip our hair — happily, this vitamin-rich conditioning complex restores bounce and shine.” ($39)                                                                                                                    

Notes : this is by far my favorite product in the whole box. First, the islandy coconut scent turns my shower into….I don’t even know how to explain it! The scent stays in your hair forever! It makes it glossy, shiny, and healthy looking, not to mention better than it has with any other product. One of the best features: your hair actually looks better the longer it goes with out being washed! Oh, and by the way, it also brings out your hair color!

3 / Harvey Prince eau flirt “the fragrance equivalent of a wink, this fanciful scent layers fresh citrus and jasmine notes over a base of lavender and pumpkin.” ($55-$98)

Notes : honestly, I have not really used this scent. I have smelled it a few times, but it is not really amazing or jaw dropping, but it sure does sound amazing!

4 / Manna Kadar sheer glo shimmer lotion “this cult luminizing liquid adds a supermodel-like sheen to skin. Mix it with your foundation, or apply as a highlighter to cheeks and brow bones.” ($29)

Notes : for now, I think I will stick to my more natural highlighter but sometimes I mix a bit of this with my cream blush and it turns out great. Overall, a great product!

5 / suki balancing kit “this all-in-one set clams and purifies troubled skin, leaving it smooth and hydrated.” ($40)

Notes : because the picture didn’t show it, I received samples of the whole set in my box and I have mixed feelings. I have not tried all of it yet, but from what I have tried, I did not see a huge difference in my skin. I did like the toner, but didn’t like the exfoliating cleanser. I love that it is made with all natural ingredients, but I think I’ll spend the money on something else. 


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