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Get Glowing / Highlighter Comparison

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With so many different kinds of highlighters out there, it’s hard to figure out which one to use. This post, a request, in fact, will show you the ropes on some of the industry’s most well known. I hope you enjoy and get glowing!
Highlighter Comparison

Benefit Girl Meets Pearl / a new purchase of mine, this peachy pink highlighter is one of the more natural ones. The liquid and gel like consistency makes it easy to blend and easy to use. I love the golden pink shimmer that this highlighter gives while still looking natural and not greasy. This color pretty much looks good on all skin tones.
MAC Soft and Gentle / a favorite of my best friend and fellow blogger, this highlighter is a soft golden cream shimmer that comes in powder form and is easily blend-able. It is also build-able and gives that nice “soft and gentle” glow.
NARS Albatross / this also powdered highlighter adds that nice natural glow without any other added color or effect. Not glittery or sparkly at all (as is the case for the other highlighters), although this one is white, it does not make you look ashy, but it still would look better on lighter skin tones.
*disclaimer: i have not tried any other highlighters except the Benefit one. I created this post through much research and personal opinions.

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