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Day to Night / Lace Skirt

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I recently purchased a cream colored lace skirt while I was in NY. I loved how the simple shape paired with the elegant lace. Now, I consider a skirt like this a basic, worn in every season from winter to summer. Here is how I would style it for summer/fall.
Day to Night : Lace Skirt
Day / since the lace is already so intricate, pair it with a solid colored top. I like this neutral, comfortable grey tee. The leather bag adds a near masculine touch to the very feminine skirt which I love. Of course, I love the look of a classic pair of sneakers which just scream “day casual” to me while still looking chic. I love the pop the bright pink geometric necklace adds to the outfit. Last but not least, I love the fishtail braid.
Night / since the lace skirt is so elegant, I decided to go a step further with a purple, silk, tie-neck top. A classic pair of shoes, an elegant bangle,  and a sparkly clutch add to the look. The addition of a bright pinkish-plum lip finishes off the look with a touch of sheer color.

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