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Late Celebrating French Style

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Bastille Day, the French independence day, was on Saturday, July 14. In celebration of it, why not do a few French things today. Here are three French inspired add ons to do today that will easily work into your everyday routine. Happy Bastille Day, everyone.

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1 / Getting Ready today, go au natural. Eliminate most of your makeup and go for that natural, fresh faced look that only enhances your natural features, not covers them up. In terms of clothes, go neutral. Dress in black, white, grey, cream, etc. But don’t get too bored! Add a pop of color such as red (could it get more French!?)

2 / Mix up the Menu change your eating routine for the day. Most French people have a large breakfast, a large lunch, a small dinner, and only one snack around 5 o’clock. Also, never go a day with out an espresso or cappucino! Oh, and don’t forget the baguette!

3 / Enjoy watch a French movie, go to a French restaurant, or cook up a French meal. Just anything with the word French, please do!


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