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Bye Bye Dancer Nightmares / Ballet Bag Essentials

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Of all the things crammed inside my ballet bag, there are some things that are necessities (ballet shoes, etc), but there are also some things that, although quirky, I could not live without. Here are my top five essentials to toss in as well.

1 / Kind Bars any type of bar will do, but these are one of my favorites. They supply energy that lasts through, class, breaks, rehearsals, and everything in between. They also come in great flavors such as Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio or Dark Chocolate Peanut.

2 / Baby Lips i am a huge lip product addict, therefore, I must always have something for my lips with me where ever I go. This specific product makes your lips soft (like a baby), moisturized, and with a hint of shine. They also come in great colors and flavors as well.

3 / Notebook of all things, this is by far my definite essential. I use mine to write down everything. From things I need to work on, corrections I get, to the names of songs I hear in class or my schedule for the next day. Without this thing, I do not know what I would do! Trust me when I say…GET ONE!

4 / Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray this cooling spray is perfect for hot, sweaty, sore feet. It refreshes them with a soft, cool scent while actually cooling them down with a great tingly feeling. This one from The Body Shop is great!

5 / Foot Rubz Ball of all the other “work out” gear I have in my bag, from therabands to tennis balls, this one is by far my favorite. Soft enough to get the knots out, but gentle enough to not give you bruises, this multi-purpose ball is amazing!

Top 5 Ballet Bag Essentials


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