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Hello all! I landed in NY on Saturday and I am super excited to be spending some time here. As much as I love to travel, there is one thing that makes the experience a dread…flying in an airplane. With the yucky smell, the motion sickness, and the dehydration, flying is by far the thing that I hold my breath for each and every time I prep. Below are some of my helpful tips that I use to make my in-flight experience that much less dreadful.

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1 / Stay Hydrated if there is one thing that you do above all else in the air, this is it. Airplanes suck the moisture out of your skin like no other. First, bring a big bottle of water to drink throughout your flight to keep your body hydrated, which will also let your skin do the same. Also, bring along a facial mist to spray on your face throughout the flight to also keep in hydrated. I love this one from Evian.

2 / Stay Entertained one thing that can make or break a flight is if you are entertained or not. Bring everything you think you would remotely want to do. Your iPod, iPhone, computer, magazines, books, everything. Also remember to bring snacks. Don’t get the assumption that you are going to get some on the plane. Always bring your own…just in case.

3 / Get Creamy and Simplify when applying your makeup the the day of your flight, don’t go for heavy foundation or powdered, drying blush. Instead, use more moisturizing products that have a double use. Use a BB Cream instead of your regular foundation and concealer. Use a cream blush, or, even better, use a lip and cheek stain which will be moisturizing but will also lighten your load.

4 / Stay Comfy wear comfortable clothes. There is nothing worse than getting on a plane and feeling uncomfortable, especially when you have a long haul to make. Bonus points if you wear something that doesn’t wrinkle.

5 / Be Happy by following all the tips above, I’m sure this will be easy. Have a care-free, comfortable flight!


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