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Style Watch: Floral Headbands


It’s summer and what could be more fitting that a pretty floral headband? Pretty and chic, why wouldn’t you want to try one of these?!? From delicate to dramatic, there is one to fit your every need and want.

on the runway…

 purple @ Diane von Furstenburg

in the editorials…

on the celebrities…

on Kiera Knightly

on Kirsten Dunst

on the one and only Blair Waldorf…or Leighton Meester

tips and where to get your own

***When wearing one of these fabulous hair accessories, try to keep things more romantic or laid back. Don’t go for those stick-straight locks that some of you are used to. For those who have the straight naturally, just mess your hair up a bit or through in some texturizing spray.

where to get one…

the pretty white @ etsy

the neutral @ etsy

the “daisies” in a row @ F21

the whimsical fairy @ F21


3 thoughts on “Style Watch: Floral Headbands

  1. Normally, I would not be caught dead in something like this. But these are REALLY CUTE!

  2. I love that look! Nothing feels more romantic and summery than flowers in your hair. I especially like the free people one and the one on kirsten dunst. Great post!

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