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Beauty Tricks of the Trade


We all have our own beauty tips and tricks. They can bee something that we learned from another blog (hmmm…Elizabeth), or something that we figured out through day after day of making ourselves look pretty. Here are some of my beauty tips and tricks!

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1 / Apply your mascara to the outer eye lashes only : this application gives your eyes that fake “cat eye” effect, which is very, very flattering to blue eyes (which I have) and is a quick and easy way to get two looks in one.

2 / Use eye shadow as a softer looking eye liner : using a small angled brush (i love this one ), apply a little water to the brush and then dip it in the eye shadow to create almost a gel-like consistency.

3 / Go cool : after you wash your hair in the shower, rinse it at the end with a blast of cold water. This helps seal the hair cuticle to give it that lasting shine that everyone loves.

4 / The law of minimalism: use a clear gloss for your lips : i love this lip balm, which has a slight glossy quality. I use it over all of my favorite balms and stains to give them that gloss-like quality.

5 / Taming the mane : how many of us wake up in the morning and have crazy, out of control hair. Bumps here and there, frizzyness all over the place, these phrases are used too often. To tame my crazy hair in the mornings, I gather my hair into a low pony tail without using a brush and smooth out all of my hair. I let it sit like this while I have breakfast or brush my teeth and when I take it out, I have beautifully tamed hair. Be sure to use a hair elastic that won’t leave a crease ( like these ).


2 thoughts on “Beauty Tricks of the Trade

  1. I love these tips, especially the mascara one, I never thought to put it only on the outer eyelashes.

  2. Good tips – Thanks! Who knew about the mascara trick!

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