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The Chanel haute couture Diaries

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a relaxing weekend and, not to mention, Father’s Day.

Today, we will be looking at the runway…the Chanel 2012 Haute Couture Collection in fact, but without having to buy a single Chanel product. From the clothes, to the look, to the fresh faces, be prepared to be completely “CHANEL-ed”.


Loaded with tons of feminine, classic, elegant, sparkly, textured, not to mention, blue (over 100 shades of it in fact), the collection was gorgeous and had the perfect ting of spring and summer in it’s look, while still looking au-so-chic.

The Look-Alikes

The Chanel Look

TOP ROW: Sequin handbag ($15) , Summer skirt ($37) , Full skirt ($20) , Kirra chain earrings ($18) , Peplum top  ($64)
The Look-Alike
CHANEL haute couture beauty 2012
1) Apply Jack Wills eyeliner ($9.50) to your upper and lower lash line.
2) Apply the Sephora Collection waterproof eyeliner ($9) above the eyeliner from the first step and blend towards the outer corner of the eye.
3) Put the Eyeshadow ($5) on the inner corners of your eyes and a bit right below your brow bone. Blend out the rest of the eye and apply mascara.

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