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Style Guide / Greece

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For this post, we will be examining the one and only…Greece! With the Mediterranean sea and the beachy, chic, laid back style, this is sure to be a destination where your style will be a favorite. Here it is…

Greece Street Style

1. Greek girls are beautiful, but learn to accentuate it in every way / How you take this fact to heart can be different. Some may say that it means you go all natural and don’t do anything to go overboard. You can also interprete it as really taking time to choose your makeup and clothes to fit your body. Either way, both are important and this one trait is what makes every Greek “goddess” look flawless.

2. Feminine is the wat to go / When Greek girls are beautiful just the way they are, they will do nothing to hide it, but in the most modest and humble way possible. Thus, they dress like a woman, feminine, chic, and perfectly effortless.

3. Think about what you have on your feet / This means no flip flops. Although they are easy, flip flops are very…American. Although this may leave some of us in the dirt, just think of all the other ways that we can dress our feet without looking American. Think sandals, ballet flats, and boots.

4. Lighten Up / Since Greece is always usually pretty warm, wear light, gauzy clothing. Linens, silks, and gauzes are sure to help you fit in.


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