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Throughout the time that I have been blogging, I have realized the importance of scheduled posts. I already have some on my blog, for instance, Foodie Friday every friday and My Life Lately every wednesday, but I would like to implement in one more. This blog is in action 24/7  after all! Just reply to the poll below and the winning choice will be chosen. It’s that simple! I will keep track of the other options maybe to implement later on, but for now, the best wins. Here it is (and I have one more thing to say…please vote)…

Here are the options:

A sugary and glittery day – once a week, I will post my day. From dawn till dusk, you will follow me around through ballet classes, shopping, cooking, and much more.

The Weekly Goody – every sunday, I will do a post on one item that I have been using constantly this week. This item could be anything – the new cereal I have been loving, a new website that has joined my “most viewed” list, etc.


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