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My Life Lately / 3


Since I did not post my weekly “My Life Lately” post on Wednesday (I know…how unreligious of me), I have decided to post it today. I deeply apologize, but I completely and utterly forgot, probably because of the lack of pictures I have taken this week. I hope that this (somewhat) makes up for my un-religiousness. Here it goes…

from left to right, top to bottom

devils food gelato with mom. it was delicious! (tip: cones always hold less)

quinoa for breakfast…my new favorite

my first yoga mat. more yoga details to come.

dark chocolate walnut biscotti (recipe soon to come…in about an hour)

more breakfast quinoa. i’d say its a slight obsession.

an amazing smoothie recipe from a friend’s mom (huhmm…Siona)


2 thoughts on “My Life Lately / 3

  1. How – HOW – do you cook quinoa for breakfast? I am completely unable to make it edible.

    • coincidentally, i will be doing a post on this soon. it’s good to know when things are demanded. thank you be the way for being a consistent “liker” and “follower”. it means a lot knowing someone is looking.

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