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Tangerine Tango / Featuring Pantone

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Tangerine…the color of the year! How are you supposed to implement the bright you may ask? Just take a look below. Why don’t we start with a hot Tangerine Teardrop Bib necklace from Bauble Bar…for only $10! Yep, you just heard me right. What are you supposed to pair this steal of a necklace with? Pair it with your chic tangerine cut off J Brand shorts of course. Dress your nails in the color with Essie’s Action (C) nail polish for a hint of color. Not so hot on nails, what about a fresh coral color with Fresh’s Sugar Coral Lip Treatment. With spf 15 and a smooth, creamy texture, this is sure to be one of your summer must-haves. Maybe you are not so into colorful clothes (excuses, excuses…but I understand), then you can choose a Case Scenario Pantone orange phone case. An economical and easy way to follow the latest color trends. Last but not least, maybe you just don’t have time to search for new color items. If this is the case, just turn to Sephora, who created a makeup collection using tangerine creating everything from eyeshadow to lipgloss. Whether you carry it, paint it, or wear it as a shadow, there is a way to sport tangerine all summer long.

Tangerine Tango


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