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On My Nightstand / 1

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Let’s just say that I have been a little “library crazy” this week. After studying for exams with a friend there for five hours (we also had lunch in between…and had an amazing time), I picked a few books up. Then, I made an impromptu stop at a more local library and actually went crazy by picking up every book that looks remotely interesting…and I ended up with about ten. All in all, I have been reading like crazy.

Reader’s Digest Foods that Harm Foods that Heal – A go to guide for everything from cancer fighting foods to the benefits of chocolate, this book has tons of information that is sure to help you rethink what you put in your mouth.

Teen Vogue – This is one of my favorite magazines. I didn’t use to like it, but I love the fashion forward approach that it has, but translated for a, well…teen.

The Dim Sum of all Things – A humorous story of a Asian-American who lives in San Francisco living with her oh so Asian grandmother and tells her story of breaking away from the stereotypes.

On My Nightstand 1


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