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A New Retail Therapy Obsession

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I have heard about Zara many times through other blogs and simply all around the internet. It wasn’t until last week when I visited their site that I fell in love myself. The clothes are chic, trendy, and a tad eclectic (think Urban Outfitters, but more European). They are in fact a European brand, which just adds to my love, and the clothes are actually very well made. I purchased the classic linen top shown below last week and I am obsessed. Being the sucker for packaging that I am, when the shirt arrived at my door step wrapped in teal tissue (not a plastic bag straight from the factory), I was thrilled. All in all, you definitely need to check this place out. Below are some of my favorites from the site.

Zara Love

1. Lace dress, $80 – can you say versatile. wedding, dinner, you name it.
2. Mesh sweetheart dress, $60 – casual and flirty. perfect for summer.
3. Classic linen top, $26 – enough said.
4. Romantic lace blouse, $40 – unique and out of my comfort zone, for some reason I am drawn.

One thought on “A New Retail Therapy Obsession

  1. Just blogged about Zara’a basic leggings! They are Heaven!!!!! Love love love Zara!~

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