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March Favorites

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Oh no! The end of March is already here! Anyway, yes, another month flew by, but yes again, there is another one just around the corner. In celebration (or a sign of sadness, which ever you prefer), I have come up with this list of my favorite products, things, ideas, etc. from this month. Enjoy, and see you next month! xoxo

1. Zevia soda @ Whole Foods. The alien of all natural and diet has finally arrived. Get yours today (and no, this is not an advertisement, but really, you should try it)!

2. Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Honeysuckle @ Burt’s Bees. Intoduced to me by a friend (who knows exactly who she is because I tell her nearly everyday how much I love this product), this is my favorite lip product! It is creamy, with a light pink, nude tint.

3. J Brand “Nina” shorts in Vintage Armadillo @ J Brand. Ever since I got these shorts last week, I have been constantly obsessed with them! Not to mention, they somehow seem to go with everything.

4. Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion with spf 15 @ drugstore. I have used this moisturizer for about a year now and it never gets old. It nourishes and hydrates in the winter, while giving me sun protection in the summer. Can it get any better than that?

5. Going “case-less” @ your iphone! (Pretty self explanatory)

6. Bare Mineral’s “Mineral Veil” with spf 25 @ Sephora. When I got this product, I was unsure of its magical powers. Was it really going to keep my face “shine free” for the day? Was it going to dry my skin out? To my surprise, it has been the perfect finishing powder to my everyday routine!

7. Emi-Jay hair ties @ Cosmetic Market. These are my favorite hair ties. They don’t create that annoying crease in your hair that you get from a regular rubber band, and they add a little touch of a bow look, but in a far more sophisticated way than it sounds.


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