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Oh, sleep…some love it and some hate it. From early risers to late night owls, we all need to catch up on those “z’s” sometimes and this is the five step guide that will help you do it.

1) Learn to rest before you go to sleep:

It is not the quantity that you are getting, it’s the quality. Doctors say that you wake up 15-20 times throughout the duration of a night, you just don’t realize it. To prepare yourself for sleep, take 30 minutes before bed time to wind down. Read a good book, flip through a magazine, take a bath, do anything to get your mind clear and content. Just remember, no electronics…

2) Create a comfy sleep environment:

When the things around you are calm, you are calm. Be sure to block out any light. When adenosine, a brain chemical, is lacking in your brain, you feel tired. The only time that this chemical can be produced and replenished is when you are sleeping and can only be completely restored in complete darkness. Scents can also make you feel calm. Try putting a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow, just make sure not to go overboard. Just cozy up with some plush blankets and throw on that silk sleep mask and shut those eyes!

3) Set a routine:

Your brain is smart. When you set a routine, your brain is more adept to know when you are ready for sleep. Brush your teeth, set out your clothes for the next day, do anything to let your brain know that you are in the mood for some shut eye.

4) Create a nightly beauty ritual:

Who doesn’t want glowing skin? Since your skin does most of its repairing at night, really take the time to treat it well. Always wash your face (and yes, I am talking to you my morning shower junkies) and moisturize and you are sure to wake up like, well…you didn’t just roll out of bed.

5) Trick your body into relaxing:

Like I said, your brain is smart. If you are having trouble falling asleep, drink some chamomile tea, take a hot bath, or tense your muscles one at a time starting at your feet, for I have tried this often and let’s just say I do not remember getting past my legs.


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