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The Most Wearable Trends Worth Trying for Spring


Although the weather outside is still quite chilly (not to mention the forcast shows a “wintry mix”), Spring is right around the corner and that means putting away those heavy sweaters and getting out your jean shorts. What are you supposed to do with all of those clothes that you have not worn for a year? Well, mix them up using the trends below…

Color Blocking:

Examples of color-blocking

This video on how to color-block is very helpful

*Tip: Stick to using just 3 colors to avoid the so called rainbow effect

Bold Prints:

Whether it is in a skirt, top, or scarf, this trend is one of the most versatile.

Oranges and Tangerines:

I love the idea of bright colors for Spring…you have to stand out against all of those blooming flowers after all!


Bright yet subdued, I am looking forward to trying this trend the most. The color trends are the easiest because they are so easy to incorporate.


Classic and chic, how could you go wrong?

I love these metallic sandals from DSW. It just shows you how easy the trend is to follow.

I am going to be posting some outfit ideas soon to demonstrate the following trends. I hope that this post was helpful. Have a great Saturday!


2 thoughts on “The Most Wearable Trends Worth Trying for Spring

  1. I love the coloured jeans!


    Loretta xx

  2. Lili! Ah! You are amazing! Your blog is so original and fun and unique and YOU. Please do this for the rest of your life. You make me want to go out and do artsy amazing things. Your cupcakes were beautiful, as of everything you do. Love you!

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